Aerial Marketing LLC Productions

4 Minute compilation of my work

A complete In-House Aerial Marketing Production

Our aerial video shot for a 502 Media Group Production

502 Media Group Productions that feature my aerial videography

Our aerial shots: Opening 00:25 & 02:46 & 03:35 & 04:01

Our aerial shot: 01:35 (one of my favorites)

Our aerial shot: 00:02

Videography for Civic & Community Organizations

Aerial View of the display. Big thanks to Aggieville Adventures for letting me use the audio track from their video of the fireworks. Visit their website

Timelapse of events in Manhattan, Kansas Aggieville Business Association. The day started with a 2K fun run and a 10K. After the runs there was a parade. The weather was perfect. Music is by a band called, "Matchbook Romance." The song is "Monsters" from the album, "Voices."

2013 Poyntz Beautification, Downtown Manhattan, Kansas

Manhattan Fire Department practicing at the old KFC on 3rd and Vettier.

Ron's Automotive

Central Kansas Automotive Team (C-KAT)

Konza Prairie Trail

Various scenes from Manhattan (first gen flight and optical system, since upgraded)

Konza Prairie Scenic Overlook on 177